It is highly stereotypical to say that Asians are good in math and blackjack requires calculations, which increases their demand. If they can really do the math required to play blackjack that good, they will be sitting on the other side of the table. They are as good as a regular dealer in a casino, although there are other few goods why they are found in such quantity on the dealing tables. Here is why Asian dealers are popular in casinos.

They are more professional

China has the world’s biggest gambling empire, so it is needless to say that most professional dealers can be found in the casinos of Macao. They know what they are doing and can deal with the tables for the long run because that is what they get trained in the Dealing schools before they get hired by big casinos. If you find Asian casinos in Las Vegas, it is no more a surprise that they are also interested in hiring good deals and Asia has ample of it.

They speak multiple languages

The crowd experienced by the casinos around the world has a huge population of Asians. China is a gambling hub and one of the largest populations in the world. One place is not enough to inhabit all the gamblers. There are plenty of Asian gamblers around the world, and many of them do not speak English as their first language. Having Mandarin or Cantonese speaking dealers will make Asian players more comfortable on the table.

Blackjack dealers


They can deal with ease

As Asian dealers are experienced to deal in casinos, they remain pretty calm and disciplined in their shifts and manage the hyper crowd with ease. They are loyal to their work and are pretty comfortable to remain standing for hours without complaining because they have learnt to do so during their training program.

They can attract more players

Especially female Asian players can attract male players to join the tables. As casinos have more men to women ratio, the casinos can have great crowd if there are more female dealers. Being the largest population in the world, finding a dealer from their region can be a great boost for Asian players to join the tables. Female Asian dealers are a great appeal to Asian gamblers and having them in the casino solved half of the marketing problem immediately.

It is needless to say that Asia being the largest gambling region in the world, the largest population in the world, and home to most spoken languages in the world, the casino industry cannot do business without having to employee Asian people who know how their fellow people want to play and gamble. This gives the players a comfortable place on the table, and for the casinos, it gives the crowd it wants.